“He was there to answer questions with really quick call backs and replies.”

– Alisha & Joel Goosen


“Scott showed me the differences between lenders and different mortgage products.”

– Dave Morin


“Scott helped me realize that the mortgage my bank offered came with restrictive fine print.”

– Chris Swanson


“He even helped coordinate our branch and lawyer signings to work with our busy schedules.”

– Irina Shevchenko

Our Clients Love Us

Helping you make the best mortgage choice for your situation is my top priority

"Scott was a great choice for us as we purchased our first home, he was clear and prompt in communicating with us and was great at keeping us informed as the process moved along. He was understanding as we asked questions and he clearly explained our options as we looked for the right mortgage. He was great to work with and I am glad that we picked him to be our mortgage broker. "

Dave Berard

“We built a new home, and Scott helped time when we locked into a rate, so that we could get one of the lowest rates on the market. He provided great customer service and helped us understand our options. We are loving our new home.”

Merfe Salaysay

“We wanted to do some home repairs and upgrades, and Scott helped us with the refinance. He got us a great full feature mortgage with an amazing rate. Scott managed to get us the money we needed, and kept our amortization the same, with hardly any change to our monthly payment. Scott is a great broker with great results."

Jonathan Williams
Rates You Can Brag About

Get an excellent quick close special or low rate basic mortgages with a rate you can brag about.


HELOC’s & blended Mortgages. Mix variable portions and fixed portions in the same mortgage. Adjust your monthly payment up or down. These are just some of the ways we can customize your mortgage to meet your goals.

Understand Your Power

Which lenders do you qualify with? Chances are, you have more options than you think.

Mortgage Educated

You can visit different lenders and shop around yourself, or just use my free services to learn about mortgage features and the differences between lenders.

Clean Process

I’m here to help! I’m here to hold your hand and walk you through the mortgage process. I work closely with you, your lender, lawyer, realtor and more to help your home purchase go smoothly.

Updates & Support

Property taxes?… using pre-payment priveleges… refinancing… renewals…
I’m here to help beyond when your mortgage funds.

Let’s take the next step and work together!